About Sierra Tucson

The Sierra Tucson incorporates medical, psychological, family systems, and self-help philosophies and practices. The 12-Step program and other options for addiction support groups augment intensive psychiatric care. The outcome is an effective treatment experience.

Since 1983, the skilled and compassionate staff at Sierra Tucson has been committed to providing clinical excellence and effective, compassionate care to all patients entrusted to our care. Our model’s guiding philosophy informs every program we offer. Residents learn the underlying causes of emotional and behavioural disorders and how to manage the disease throughout their lifetimes because the program is designed to treat the whole person. This prepares them for the challenge of maintaining their health after treatment is complete.

We are here to assist you during this challenging time. It requires courage to seek treatment, and we are dedicated to assisting you throughout this process.

Sierra Tucson’s clinical treatment programs are for individuals aged 18 and older of both sex who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, chronic pain, and co-occurring disorders such as disordered eating and are held to a high standard of excellence due to our extensive training and decades of experience.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, we teach you how to effectively manage symptoms, overcome obstacles, and develop the skills necessary to resume a productive lifestyle.


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