About Recovery Alliance

Recovery Alliance sees recovery as an affirming and positive process that can be facilitated through recovery support services. The treatment services offered by peers in the Recovery Alliance include alcohol- and drug-free recreational and social activities, workshops for information, training and development for skills, business and career planning classes for parents, educational classes, and housing. The alliance offers these services and hosts other services like mutual support groups at its Recovery Alliance center or Casa Vida de Salud, its residential recovery center with 37 beds in Central El Paso.

Recovery Alliance is dedicated to recovering addicts from drug addiction. They also include their families and friends who support the recovery process.

The Recovery Alliance is an organization comprised of those who have recovered from addictions to alcohol and drugs, as well as their relatives, friends, and other allies. We are a compassionate and service-oriented organization, and we meet the needs of our community through recovery coaching, sober housing, and peer support services. 

One of the distinctive features that distinguish Recovery Alliance staff is that each member is recovering. Although the specifics of our lives may differ, we have all shared an experience of the “gift” that comes with recovery and the discovery of greater freedom and a better way of living. Our personal experience with addiction disease has provided us with the ability to understand and feel understanding of the difficulties that come with the process of recovery. We are committed to providing support and assistance to anyone who wants to overcome addiction disorder. We remain involved within the recovery community and believe we will be able to ensure that the “success” experiences will build an optimistic “face that represents recovery” within El Paso and encourage others to pursue a different way of living!


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