About Omega Recovery – Gaming & Tech Addiction Treatment

Omega Recovery, located in the heart of downtown South Austin, TX, is a wellness and counselling center that addresses mental health and addiction. More than dealing with disorders that manifest as a deeper problem, OMEGA helps people who are struggling to transform into self-actualization. They provide PHP and IOP programs, extended care, outpatient treatment, sober transitional living, and various other services.

Omega clients participate in trauma-informed treatments, such as CBT, DBT, and traditional psychodynamic treatments, as well as adventures and nature-immersion therapy that aids in guiding youngsters into healthier habits and address the root causes that contribute to their anxiety.

We can meaningfully interact with our clients in gaming and connect them with skilled, caring masters-level therapists trained under Dr. Kardaras and certified by the NIDHW (National Institute for Digital Health and Wellness). Then, the clients can begin doing the psychodynamic work needed to create a stronger and more confident belief in their self-worth without the false authenticity of their gaming.


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