About Keystone Treatment Center

Since its beginning in 1973, Keystone Treatment Center has remained committed to providing the best possible treatment via evidence-based programming, research-supported methods and modalities, and personalized care delivered with compassion and respect.

During your time at Keystone Treatment Center, your days will be filled with activities and therapies that are designed to help you achieve your recovery goals. At Keystone, we have a daily schedule for adolescents and adults who take part in our programming to help each individual prepare for a future free from addiction. We offer a balance of treatment services with plenty of time for breaks, self-reflection, and recreation. Every day, you will access a wide range of effective treatment modalities and time-tested supports.

Our treatment center is located on 30 acres in the beautiful plains of South Dakota. Our serene location is conducive to healing and we encourage each individual who stays with us to take time to appreciate our healing atmosphere.

  • Adult Residential
  • Young adult residential
  • Adolescent Residential
  • Detox
  • Native American Addiction Program
  • Outpatient treatment


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