About Embrasse Treatment Center

At Embrasse Behavioral Health, we try to meet our clients where they are in terms of their emotions, thoughts, and abilities to think. We help adults with personality disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma and stress-related disorders, substance abuse, emotional regulation, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and relationship problems through individual psychotherapy.

Finding a problem and finishing a treatment plan may not be enough to get someone’s health back to normal. So, Embrasse Treatment Center offers a wide range of extra services and activities to help people get better and avoid setbacks that can happen out of nowhere.

Our Triple-A philosophy focuses on how to treat long-term physical and mental health disorders that are accredited, affordable, and available. Our counsellors have degrees from reputable American universities, have had their backgrounds checked, and have been trained in different types of psychotherapy. Our office-based, medication-assisted therapy helps people who are abusing opioids or alcohol and also have mental health problems, all of which are known to happen at the same time.

Prescriptions are written for drugs like Suboxone, Naltrexone, and Vivitrol when they are needed. There are also dual diagnoses for people who have more than one mental health problem.


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